About Us

Did you know that the lot your house is on isn’t the only property you own in this neighborhood? All of the homeowners in the neighborhood are joint owners of the entrances and open spaces in the neighborhood. The deed to your house confers those rights to you as part of the purchase of the lot your house sits on. The Homeowners Association is mandated by Jamestown Charter Township as the legal means of administering that jointly-owned property and determining the acceptable use of that property. This is why all of the homeowners get to vote each year to elect the board that will represent them when managing that property.

Besides managing the property, the HOA can also take advantage of its size to do group purchases of things like trash service.

The Township also charges the HOA with the task of enforcing the Declaration of Covenants or Declaration of Restrictions (depending on which phase you are in), which are the rules of what we are and are not allowed to do on our property, as assigned by the Township and the developer when the neighborhood was developed.

Rolling Meadows of Jamestown is a registered non-profit organization with the State of Michigan, and is an Internal Revenue Code Section 528 tax-exempt non-charitable organization with the IRS. Because your dues are going to maintain property you are a part-owner of, your dues are not tax deductible (you can’t donate money to yourself).