2023 Dues and Annual Meeting Announcement

The mailing with the 2023 dues bill and announcement of the 2023 Annual Homeowners Meeting was mailed this last weekend and should be arriving in mailboxes any day now, if you haven’t already gotten it.

The executive summary:

  • Dues will be $315 and are due on January 5, 2023 (note: this is a different date than stated in the mailing; we extended the deadline to be 30 days out from the December 6 postmark due to the mailing being postmarked late)
  • The Annual Homeowners Meeting where we will elect the next board will be held Tuesday, January 24, 2023 at 6:30pm at Searchlight Ministries Church on the corner of 22nd Ave and Quincy St.
  • We need people to volunteer to run for the Board of Directors

In order to save printing and mailing costs, a number of things which were not required by our bylaws to be included in the physical mailing were uploaded here instead of included in the envelope, and the cover letter in the envelope asks you to come here to get them.

Copy of the cover letter (PDF) – this includes the information about how to pay your dues and when and where the meeting will be.

2023 Final approved budget (PDF)

Dues Direct Debit Authorization Form (PDF) – if you have any questions about the enrollment process or whether you’re already enrolled, please email ACH@wavelandpm.com

Draft Agenda for January 24, 2022 Homeowners Meeting (PDF) – Contact Dave if you would like something added to the agenda.

Proxy Form (PDF) – if you can’t attend in person

Board of Directors information and nomination form (PDF)

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