Community Handbook updated

The Community Handbook has been updated. You can get a new copy here:

Community Handbook


  • A table of contents was added
  • Covenants and Bylaws section:
    • Reference to the name “Purchasers Booklet” removed, as that document name was specific to Phases 1-3. It generically refers to it as a documentation packet now.
    • Now points at the website instead of the Google Drive to obtain copies of the documents
  • Annual Meeting section updated to note that the notification will be mailed to your tax address on file with the county if that differs from the lot address.
  • Communication section:
    • Updated the cost of sending a printed mailing to reflect the current costs with increased postage and more lots to mail to.
    • Added more details about what can be found on the HOA website
    • Removed reference to the Google Drive since that information can now be found via the website.
  • Moved Community Activities prior to Park Areas to make the Park Areas section fit on one page.
  • Added a checklist of things to do when you sell your home

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