Rolling Meadows Spring 2023 Newsletter


Waveland is in the process of collecting delinquent association dues from 3 residents and restriction violations fines from several other residents. All fines help offset the cost of Waveland’s management fee for monitoring compliance with the restrictions. 


We are seeing an accumulation of garbage and yard waste in the common areas. Please be advised, anyone caught dumping on HOA property WILL be subject to fines. Anything dumped outside of your legal property lines is NOT allowed. This includes grass clippings, dirt, Christmas trees, brush, tree limbs, old plants, bricks, trash, rocks, mulch, wood, dog poop, etc. The HOA could be subject to fines from the county for waste clogging up the drain easements and ravines. The HOA has already paid unbudgeted professional fees multiple times to clean up what others have dumped in common areas. The annual HOA budget does not include monies for this additional clean up. Each time the HOA has to hire out clean ups, this increases the annual dues for everyone. Let’s do better.

Republic Services offers paid yard waste service available April through November. If you have excess waste and need a place to dispose of it, you might consider contacting them at 1- 877-698-7274 for assistance.

*If you have placed any materials or waste outside of your legal property lines, please remove it immediately to avoid fines. 


We expect Devries to mulch the entries before June. Also, the first brush hogging of the common area between Phases 1 and 2 will likely be before July. An independent landscaping company completed the removal of brush from the county in March. We are running low on perennials in the entry areas, so any donations of similar plants to what we already have installed would be appreciated!

We are seeking volunteers to help clean up the common areas of trash and debris that have blown from yards and trash bins. There have been some young volunteers out picking up trash this spring, but we could use some extra assistance. The HOA would like to save money by not hiring professionals to clean up what has blown out of our neighbor’s recycling and trash bins. (We don’t want to believe people have been intentionally littering.)


  • As many of you may have already been notified, Waveland is implementing new software to assist in their tracking of financials and violation reporting. It doesn’t appear things will be up and running until sometime in May. You can still direct questions, concerns, and report violations directly to Waveland through the current ticket system. 
  • Please ensure you are well versed in the restrictions provided in the Covenants of Rolling Meadows. We continue to get notified of several infractions, which require Waveland to do a lot of work to resolve. Due to the community support at the annual meeting, Waveland will be levying fines in accordance with the fine schedule. 


Allen Edwin is nearly finished with Phase 4 and has started on several lots in Phase 6.  


The board plans to have an open board meeting late summer and late fall, however, we may need to upload another newsletter as an alternative depending on scheduling and workloads. In the meantime, please feel free to reach out with any questions.

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